Preparation of Palm Beach County Students

Our community faces challenges with college access. Of the most recent graduating high school class from the School District of Palm Beach County, fewer than 70 percent enrolled in college the fall after graduation. For students from low-income families, fewer than 60 percent enrolled. 

Those who do enroll in college face challenges with succesful completion. Of the graduating class of 2010, only two-thirds of those who started college received an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree within six years. Only 53 percent of the low-income students who enrolled in college in 2010 received a degree within six years. 

Our Approach

In May of 2015, a broad group of comunity leaders came together to discuss this issue. A working group was formed to create a strategic plan that would serve as the blueprint for the Partnership moving forward, focused on improving college access and compltion for Palm Beach County. 

OUR VISION is that every Palm Beach County high school graduate completes a post-secondary credential within six-years of high school graduation that prepares them for a meaningful career with a sustainable wage. 

OUR MISSION is to collectively ensure an integrated and effective system of supports from middle school through post-secondary that empowers students for career success. 
In designing and implementing this work, the partnership is commited to the following. 


  • The term “college completion” includes any form of post-secondary credentials. This encompasses Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees as well as professional certificates. 
  • The voices of students and parents are essential in designing approaches to increase access and completion. 
  • The initiative must intentionally consider all types of students and be inclusive of the many diverse communities within Palm Beach County. 
  • The route to and through college may be differnet for each student, requiring individualized options and supports that meet students’ unique needs and interests. 
  • Collective impact provides a framework for collaboration, alignment and synergy that will most efficiently maximize community efforts to improve college access and completion outcomes. 


Click here for more information regarding Achieve Palm Beach County, including the Achieve Palm Beach County’s Strategic Plan and Call to Action.

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